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Welcome to our website - ASSOBAI

ASSOBAI - THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR DEVELOPMENT & BUSINESS INVESTMENTS, is a new reality, born to take on the socio-economics and cultural imbalance, which divides progressive nations from new developing countries.

ASSOBAI looks at the existing gaps, in order to create opportunities and to build synergy between our Country and the main Countries of Africa, South-America and the other world areas, where these synergistic operations are necessary and wanted.

United and together, in ASSOBAI we can propose us with the power of the aggregative and synergic energy of hundreds of companies, professionals and managers.

With the same attention, the Association thinks about actions and operations also in Eurasia, to get the new business opportunities related to the sector of innovative technologies and research also in the developed countries.

The Association is as an interlocutor that makes available the Italian know-how for the partner countries, promoting strategies for the development and mutual growth.

In each project the focus is the training, the coaching and the starting in all project phases.

The Association ensures to its members a coordinate activity to develop internationalization projects, to realize:

- Management Consulting and identification of business opportunities;

- Mapping and analysis of the foreign client;

- Training of local staff;

- Training of technicians;

- Assistance during the start-up;

- Macroeconomic development projects, integrated with training on site, workshop, market analysis, with the construction of commercial networks;

- Productive and commercial settlements;

- Artisan and Industrial Zone;

- International public notices Office;

- Due Diligence;

- Project Management;

- Reindustrialization to identify new kind of investment;

- Looking for funding sources, guarantees and subsidies;

- Looking for Equities;

- International Tender;

- Scouting and research of new investment opportunities in the country;

- Promotion, communications and marketing activities;

- International certifications;

- Support services on site, organization of trips, events and fairs, legal assistance;                  

- Research and management of showrooms and warehouses;

- Research and selection of importers, distributors;

- Creation and management of sales networks and sales offices;

- Establishment of subsidiaries;

- Hosting and Joint Venture;

- Selection, research and staff training.


The main economics areas are:

- Commercial, Industrial and Housing construction;

- Infrastructure (as airports, heliports, marine civil and industrial, hospitals);

- Video surveillance;

- Energy and renewable sources;

- Health & Care;

- Footwear and textile industry, mechanical industry, manufacturing industry and wood processing;

- Agriculture & Livestock;

- Interior designer, industrial designer;

- Agribusiness industry;

- Tourism sector, hotels and restaurants;

- Extracting and processing raw material;

- Air and water treatment;

- Technical training;

- International trading.


ASSOBAI is characterized by the high quality of service and professionalism that offers its members, thanks to the founding members with a twenty-year experience in management consulting, strategic consulting, operational consulting carried out in private practice, as entrepreneurs and as consultants for governments and institutions.

Our members can count on a careful advice, ability to listen to their real and personal needs or projects, promotion of activities by the international network acquired over decades of professional, consulting and institutional relationships in its territories.

Also thanks to targeted and impactful marketing strategies, ASSOBAI gets an excellent positioning in the web (websites and social networks).

All the services dedicated to our members, combined with a constant updating of the commercial, technical and administrative staff, ensure a high standard of services and brokerage as well as our Associate requires and expects to receive.


Our Board of Directors and founders:


Dott.ssa Tiziana Dal Pin                                Dalpin@ASSOBAI.com

Senior Project Manager


Vice-President Food & Beverage Area

Ing. Gianni Berton                                       Berton.gianni@ASSOBAI.com

Senior Operation Man


Vice President Real Estate & International Trading Area

Dott. Mauro Marasca                                    Marasca@ASSOBAI.com

Junior Operation Man


Organisational Secretary Projects & Development Area

Dott.ssa Silvia Berton                                   Berton.silvia@ASSOBAI.com


Advisor Finance & Investment Area - Management Consulting

Dott. Michele Milazzo                                    Milazzo@ASSOBAI.com


Advisor Communication & Technical training Area

Ing. Giovanni Fraschetto                               Fraschetto@ASSOBAI.com


Advisor Technology & International Tender Area

Ing. Massimo Turri                                       Turri@ASSOBAI.com


Advisor Health & Care Area

Fabio La Falce                                             Lafalce@ASSOBAI.com


Advisdor Building & Constructions Area

Carlo Benigni                                              Benigni@ASSOBAI.com

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